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FIC: "JLA: Necessary Force" (Part 15: "Valley of the Shadow of Death")

Hello, all, and a very Happy New Year to you!

I am at long last posting a very long overdue update to my ongoing Epic JLA (Superman/Batman-focussed) fic, "Necessary Force".  (it's been a year! *eeek*) 

I've had a lot of gremlins with posting, so for those on my flist who've already read the first quarter that I'd posted previously, for the sake of ease of reading, I've reposted that part attached now to the rest of the chapter to which it belonged.  My sincere apologies for any confusion, AND for being so long on hiatus with this story.    Thank you!

Title: JLA: Necessary Force - Part 15: "Through the Valley of the Shadow of Death"  (1st and 2nd halves)
Author: Paxwolf
Fandom: JLA/Justice League
Rating: PG-13 (R in parts)
: Mature Situations, Language, Violence  (*THIS is a particularly dark and angsty chapter, people!*)
Disclaimer: The JLA and its characters are owned by DC Comics and their parent company. Mine are owned by me. ;-)
Summary: When a powerful terrorist threatens the safety of the planet, the Justice League must go to extremes to stop him, and Superman and Batman may have to make the biggest sacrifice of all.
Summary of This Part:  The League takes over an Ayestrom-controlled outpost, and in his fatigue and fear, Batman is forced to remember a recent disturbing and evocative encounter with Superman, where the frightening content of his long hinted-at dreams is revealed, which may have deadly consequences for the Man of Steel and the League. (again, warnings for mature situation, darkness, angst.)

 “Don’t you mean instead, one of a recurring set of nightmares, Superman? Nightmares occurring so often and so fiercely that you’ve since decided that sleep is a necessity best left for lesser mortals?"

All Previous Parts of this Fic can be found Here, on the story's Main Page. 

Cheers, all!  :-)

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