Everyone's lost but me! (seriousfic) wrote in jla_united,
Everyone's lost but me!

Scott/Barda fic: Before You Let It Go... (4/6)

Title: Before You Let It Go...
Fandom: DC comics
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 3,685
Acknowledgments: Thanks to Tracy and lurkslikefox for betaing this.
Characters/Pairings: Scott/Barda, Auralie
Previous Part: 3/6
Summary: The last temptation of Scott Free.

"I couldn’t sleep a minute while I was gone. I kept thinking about the people I’d killed. ‘Enemies of Darkseid’. You’re an enemy of Darkseid. What if they were like you? What if they had hopes and dreams and… they did, didn’t they? Before they met me."
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