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FIC: "JLA: Necessary Force" (Part s 13 and 14)

Happy New Year!

A bit of a long hiatus, but hello!  And I thought I'd post linkage to new parts of the ongoing Epic, JLA: "Necessary Force" which are now up. 

Part 13, "Parley", is right here.

Part 14, "Sticking Place", is over here!

Also, here is some delicious FANART  to share (by artist extraordinaire darkj3 ) created for Part 2 of NF, of Batman and Superman, right this way!  Go stare!

Main Page, with links to all 14 Parts of the fic, can be found HERE.   :-)

Thanks, and all the best of the New Year to you all!

- Pax  :-)

(Here's the necessary header info for "Necessary Force":

Title: JLA: Necessary Force - Part 13 & 14: "Parley"  & "Sticking Place"
Author: Paxwolf
Fandom: JLA/Justice League
Rating: PG-13 (R in parts)
: Mature Situations, Language, Violence
Disclaimer: The JLA and its characters are owned by DC Comics and their parent company. Mine are owned by me. ;-)
Summary: When a powerful terrorist threatens the safety of the planet, the Justice League must go to extremes to stop him, and Superman and Batman may have to make the biggest sacrifice of all.
Summary of These Parts:  Wherein the League attempts to open negotiations with the enemy, a fierce verbal fencing match commmences, Green Lantern frets, Flash jokes, Batman plans, Superman makes a sort-of appearance by T-link, and J'onn polishes his skills in method acting.  Superman faces great struggle and great trouble as he falls through the cracks, and tries to make new friends along the dark road to destiny.

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