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Little Black Box

“Little Black Box.”

One-Shot. Idea popped into my head while I was writing another fic…

Whatever. DC owns.

Oliver Queen paced nervously up and down the hallway outside of the training room. He clutched a small object in the breast pocket of his Green Arrow costume. Fighting bad guys was nowhere near as tough as this was going to be.

“One!” said a female voice from within the training room. Ollie knew that voice very well. His heart pounded against his ribcage.

“Fine, but that was a cheap shot,” said another female voice he knew, but one that wasn’t important.

“Whatever. Ready?” said the first voice. The object in his hand seemed to become heavier.

Just then, Ollie spotted a faceless man in a blue overcoat stalking toward him from the other end of the hall. The man’s hands were shoved deep into his pockets and he stared at the ground as he walked.

“Vic!” called Ollie in a strained whisper. The man didn’t look up as he scooted past the open doorway of the training room. “Vic?” he repeated. Victor Sage, better known as the Question, finally jerked his head up.

“Wh-what?” he said, slightly bewildered. That kind of tone wasn’t normal for his somewhat paranoid friend.

“You ok?” he asked.

“One!” said the second female voice from the training room. Vic abruptly turned his face toward the sound.

“Uhh…yeah,” he muttered, shaking his head. The Question was acting odd for the Question, but Ollie didn’t have time to worry about the other man’s feelings.

“I…I gotta have some outside feedback on this one,” he stammered. He quickly searched the hall around him to make sure there was no one lurking and finally revealed the object he had inside his pocket. Even though he couldn’t tell, Ollie had a feeling the faceless man wore a dumbstruck look. Green Arrow held a small, black velvet box in his hand.

“Oh god…” murmured Vic.

“What?! Is it a bad idea?” he asked quickly.

“No, no…I just-” Vic let his head hang and he reluctantly pulled his right hand out of his coat pocket. Ollie’s jaw dropped. His faceless friend held a similar, small box in his hand, only it was dark purple. Neither man said anything for several seconds. Finally, Ollie burst into a fit of snickering, which prompted the other man to laugh as well.

“At least we’re on the same page for once,” said Green arrow, patting his friend on the back.

“Are you two starting rumors again?!” said the first familiar female voice. Ollie and Vic wheeled around to find Dinah and Helena staring at them. The women looked winded from an intense sparring session. Both men fumbled with their boxes and managed to shove them back in their pockets before their girlfriends noticed.

“Uhhh….” they grumbled in unison.


I know it’s silly, but this scene popped into my head and I had to bring it to life. I guess it ended where it did because that’s as far as my idea went. Read and review ☺
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