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Attention all Gotham City/Batman experts:

I have been doing some extensive research on the universities in the city of Gotham, and I've come across both a Gotham University and a Gotham State University. Wikipedia tells me that the comics version Jonathan Crane, AKA Scarecrow, was a professor at Gotham University, but was later fired. And then in the same article, under the Batman: The Animated Series section, it says he was a professor at Gotham State University. And then under the Batman Begins movie section, Jonathan Crane was a professor at Gotham University. However, in the DC Animated Wiki, it says Jonathan Crane was at Gotham University. But the regular Wikipedia thing said it was Gotham *State* University in the Animated Series.....and then there's Harley Quinn. Her DC Animated Wiki page says she went to Gotham University. Then her regular Wikipedia page says she tried to get into the Gotham State University *graduate* program, which of course isn't the same as regular graduate studies, but still......As you can see, I am thoroughly confused. And to make it worse, the only visual evidence I can find when I search Gotham University is a picture of the archway of Gotham State University, and it has the WB logo in the bottom, which means it is animated.... So, if anyone can possibly shed some light on my current state of confusion, that would be great. Do they both exist? Are they the same thing? Is one of them in the comics, and the other in the animated series? Is Wikipedia stupid? Am I looking too far into this?

Thanks to anyone who can figure this freaking thing out. I will forever be thankful. :)
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